Markets in Haute-Marne

PUBLISHED: 11:52 29 November 2011 | UPDATED: 11:15 14 June 2017

Listed below are the market days for the Haute-Marne department:

Andelot Blancheville Th pm
Arc-en-Barrois Fr
Biesles Fr
Bourbonne-les-Bains We (fish, honey, vegetables)
Chalindrey Th
Chaumont We, Sa
Doulevant-le-Château Mo
Froncles Su
Illoud Sa
Joinville Fr
Langres Fr
Nogent Tu, Sa
Rolampont Fr
centre ville Sa
covered market We, Sa
Petites Halles We, Sa
Vert-Bois Th, Su
Vaux-Sous-Aubigny We
Wassy Th

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