Beautiful homes, bargain properties and bar businesses: the November 2021 issue of French Property News (plus Living France), out now!

Beautiful homes, bargain properties and bar businesses: the November 2021 issue of French Property News (plus Living France), out now!

Rural house price growth outpaces cities for the first time in France

In the 12 months up to September 2021, house prices in rural communes jumped by 6.4% compared to a rise of just 4.1% in France’s 10 biggest cities – while prices in central Paris actually fell by 1.5% (more on p.9)

Paris has the most beautiful homes in Europe

According to a Pinterest study which found that there were 47,882 individual Paris-themed ‘pins’ which is double the amount of the second ranking city, Berlin (more on p.11)

Our instagram followers prefer tranquil locations over touristic hotspots

When asked about their preferences for French property, our followers preferred ready to move in, traditional houses in peaceful countryside locations (more on p.15)


Between 600,000 and 3 million people speak Occitan

Learn about the history and future of the language that’s prevalent in south-west France (more on p.24)

There are 3 kinds of alcohol licence in France

If you want to open a bar, restaurant, events venue or PMU, you’ll need to know what it takes to set up a business (more on p.32)

The standard survey on a property is called the G2 

Know when to bring in the experts to help with surveying drainage systems, flood risks, fire risks and even earthquake risk (more on p.38)

You can get high-speed wifi in your French home

Wifi extenders, access points and mesh wifi systems, wired or cabled? Here’s a great list of wifi-boosting tips to help you get faster internet (more on p.54)

Opt to elect English law to bypass French reserved heirship rules

A controversial new law introduced by France might affect this, and thus readers are urged to review their wills (more on p.70)

Brexit hasn’t resulted in any additional requirements on moving money to France

Learn about moving money to France and how you can apply for a visa, whether long-stay, employed etc. (more on p.72) 

Do I need a work-permit to rent out a gîte? Is it worth putting a pool in in Northern France?

Ask the experts any of your questions and read their tailored advice (more on p.74)

96% of French people eat cheese on a regular basis

They are estimated to eat roughly 25kg each every year (more on p.78)

Learn the language, keep it local, join a club

Top tips on integration, how can you become part of the community in France? (more on p.102)

The Cairn of Barnenez in Brittany predates Egypt’s pyramids

Learn more about Morlaix and it’s surroundings (more on p.116)

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On the cover : A thriving bar/restaurant in Charente, on the market for €443,000 with Leggett

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