8 things we learned in the January 2019 issue of French Property News

8 things we learned in the January 2019 issue of French Property News

Start the year with a fresh copy of the new issue of French Property News and find out what you can learn and discover this month

1. France used to be divided up into provinces

Before the départements we know today, the country was organised in 40 or so provinces that sometimes had their own governing bodies, currency and language of course. Their heritage lingers on today and we explored three of them in more detail on p26

2. 2018 was the busiest year in a long time for many Anglophone agents in France

With many Brits eager to buy a property in France before Brexit, English-speaking estate agents in France have been inundated with demand – get a full update on the current French property market on p 30

3. The pink tinge of the salt lakes around Aigues-Mortes is due to microscopic algae

And there are so many other colours in France that we created a stunning French rainbow on p44

4. There are two types of termites

One type is happy in the garden, the other will chew through your wooden beams…but don’t let termites steal your dream home from you! There are plenty of solutions to get rid of them – find out which ones on p48

5. The Dordogne River is steeped in history

From prehistoric times to present day, one expat absorbed all there was to discover about the historic region and wrote a book about it…as well as a feature on p40!

6. Civil liability cover is obligatory in France

Insurance is generally perceived differently in France than in the UK so make sure you read our top tips on insurance policies in France before you move on p62

7. You can move garden plants with you when you go to France

Just make sure you let you plan ahead, research the change in climate, perhaps propagate old plants into new pots and get advice from a reputable removals company. Read more on p66

8. There are 11 Plus Beaux Villages de France in the Golden Triangle

In the Dordogne valley where Dordogne, Corrèze and Lot departments converge, you’ll find some of France’s most beautiful villages and stunning scenery. Find out where to buy on p34

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