7 reasons to live in Finistère

7 reasons to live in Finistère

The Brittany department in the westernmost corner of France boasts miles of coastline, numerous ports, and a great many crêperies

1. Varied coastline

Exposed to both the English Channel and the Atlantice Ocean, Finistère’s 1,200km of coastline enjoys spectacular and varied scenery. The rugged northern coast boasts cliffs, estuaries and towering lighthouses, and the west coast offers long stretches of golden beaches and surf. The Île d’Ouessant, which lies just a few kilometres from the mainland, is also well worth exploring.

2. Crêperies

With hundreds of crêperies around the department, crêpes and galettes will quickly become a staple of your diet. There are plenty of fillings to try, from freshly caught seafood to sweet caramel au beurre salé.

3. Maritime attractions

Fishing boats, freighters and private vessels keep the port town of Brest bustling. The National Navy Museum here is a great place to learn about the naval history of the region, while Océanopolis, one of the biggest aquariums in France, is perfect for a fun day out with otters, seals, penguins and Tropical fish.

4. Local crafts

Since 1708, Quimper has been known for its quality faience (tin-glazed pottery), which is painted by hand in bright beautiful colours. In the village of Locranon you can also find lots of artisanal boutiques with candles, ornaments and hand-sewn tradition Breton clothing.

5. Hills to hike

Hikers will love the flora and fauna of the Armorique Natural Regional Park. Discover panoramic views from the Monts d’Arrée by following the old Plouescat-Rosporden railway line to the Roc’h Trévézel ridge, or walk the Saint-Rivoal circuit through moors, heather and woods and seek out the hilltop Saint-Michel’s chapel.

6. Channel hopping

It is easy to get back and forth to the UK and Ireland from Finistère. You can sail from Plymouth or Cork to Roscoff with Brittany Ferries. You can also fly from the UK to Brest airport with Ryanair or to Quimper airport with British Airways.

7. Charming properties

The average house price in Finistère is €155,600 or €1,530/m² according to Notaries de France. Whether you are looking by the coast or in the country you will find numerous stone houses bursting with charm.

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