How do I sell my French property privately?

How do I sell my French property privately?

Are you thinking about bypassing an estate agent and selling your French property privately? There are some advantages but also some disadvantages. Here are 4 areas to consider before you sell your property privately

1 What price should you sell your property for?

If you don’t sell your French property through an estate agent then it will be up to you to value your own property and set the asking price. Are you sure you will be able to do this objectively? You can get valuations from agents, even if you then decide not to use them. You can also compare your property with others on the market, although with unique or historic homes this can be tricky. Furthermore, unless you’re determined to hold out for the full sale price, you’ll need to be able to negotiate with buyers, which of course can be hard to do when you’re emotionally involved. You won’t have to pay agent fees, however you will have to do all the work they do for you yourself.

2 How will you market your property?

If you are selling your French property privately then you won’t have the advantage of being listed on an agency website and you will have to find a way to tell potential buyers that your property is for sale. You will need to decide how you are going to market your property and how much you are willing to spend. Will you advertise in local newspapers, magazines such as French Property News, property portals online, like France Property Shop. French Property Exhibitions like The France Show in London, or even create your own website? The latter can seem like a great idea, but if it’s not on the first page of a Google search, will your potential buyers ever find it? You can find details about advertising your private property sale on France Property Shop, in French Property News or at our French Property Exhibitions at Wetherby in May, at Olympia in September or at The France Show in January.

3 Who will do the property viewings?

If you are selling your French property privately then you will have to be available for viewings by potential buyers. Are your language skills good enough to be able to show French buyers around and maybe negotiate the property price in French? You may think you’re the best person to show househunters around your property – after all, you can point out all the best features – but be prepared to face potential criticism of your beloved home. Make sure you create a positive first impression too – this may require you to look at your property through fresh eyes as though you were seeing it for the first time, without an agent’s advice.

4 You will still need to use a notaire

Whether you decide to sell privately or via an agent, you’ll still need the services – and to pay the accompanying fees – of a notaire, who will conduct the conveyancing, ensure all the taxes are paid and handle the completion of the sale. You may also wish to employ a bilingual solicitor to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible. Don’t forget you will be responsible for arranging the compulsory surveys (les diagnostiques) too.

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