7 reasons to buy a property in Gers

7 reasons to buy a property in Gers

Home of Armagnac, Musketeers and some beautiful French châteaux, Gers is a wonderful place to buy a property

1. Relaxed way of life

One of the least densely populated departments in France, Gers offers a slow pace of life surrounded by stunning countryside and lakes – perfect for those who want to get away from hustle and bustle.

2. Three musketeers

Les Trois Mousquetaires tells the tale of a young man, Artagnan, from Gers who travels to Paris to become a soldier and becomes friends with three musketeers. Statues in the department celebrate the legend and there is even a d’Artagnan Museum in the village of Lupiac.

3. Occitanie bargains

With property in Gers having an average price of €1,210/m², this is one of the cheaper departments in Occitanie, especially compared to neighbouring Haute-Garonne which has an average property price of €2,470/m².

4, Artisanal Armagnac

Gers is home to the oldest Franch Brandy, Armagnac, first made around 1310. The once distilled, grape brandy has a strong and robust flavour and is made by numerous small producers in the area.

5. Châteaux

If you are an Escape to the Chateau fan and want to get a piece of the action, there are numerous wonderful château on the market in the department priced ranging from about €500,000 to €4 million. You could also spend a day in the department capital of Auche and visit the ancient Château De Lavardens, which is classified as a Historic Monument.

6. Beautiful villages

There are six Plus Beaux Villages de France in Gers. La Romieu, a village founded at the end of the 11th century and home to the UNESCO listed Saint-Pierre church, was the most recent to gain the classification in 2018. While the other five villages; Fourcès, Lavardens, Montreal, Larressingle, Sarrant all hold their own treasures.

7. International Events

Every summer, the village of Marciac becomes a land of music with the International Jazz Festival inviting performances from remarkable talents, and attracting scores of visitors. While the city of Auch is overtaken by circus performers in October for the Festival du Cirque Actuel.

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