A holiday home in France – Lodges and Mobile Homes

A holiday home in France – Lodges and Mobile Homes

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Many of us dream of owning a holiday home in France, who wouldn’t? There could be nothing better than sitting out in the sunshine for a spot of lunch, popping to the Boulangerie to get your bread, sipping a crisp Sauvignon Blanc and all this in the surroundings of your own French holiday home. But let’s face it, it’s not as easy as popping over the channel and choosing from a 100’s of cheap properties these days.

But there is a way!

There are options other than bricks and mortar, and quite often what you can get for your money and the lifestyle that comes with it, can be even more appealing. The budget doesn’t have to be huge either! Think residential park, think picturesque holiday parks.

From as little as £15,000 up to £150,000 plus, you can have your very own little piece of France with the help of Eurobase Mobile Homes. They sell all type of holiday homes from Luxury Lodges, all the way down to pre-owned mobile homes. Along with your new home they will help you get the plot of your choice through a network of parks that they promote.

The best part about owning a home on park is you get the facilities that come with it such as swimming pools, bars and restaurants etc. If that’s what you want, you may prefer to choose a small quiet park with no facilities. It is up to you!

Residential Park – Lodges in France

Let’s start at the top shall we. If it is a full sized home you are looking for, then luxury Lodge on a residential park or a campsite with year round access, is a great affordable option. Parks that can take twin unit lodges (average 20 feet wide by various lengths) are pretty limited in France and then rules about permanent living and whether it is possible or not, vary depending on the local authorities. However, Eurobase have a little gem up their sleeve.Domaine des Lotus is a residential park in the Vendee region. It is 20 minutes inland from La Tranche sur Mer and is a little tropical haven. It used to be part of the same gardens that are now Parc Floral et Tropical de la Court d’Aron. You can either purchase a plot of land freehold which starts at around 25,000 euros, or you can now rent a plot on an annual basis. Land purchases are arranged through a local estate agent.

Eurobase will then guide you through the process purchasing your home. An example of a twin unit Lodge, 2 or 3 bedroom 40 x 20 feet is the Willerby Clearwater Series 2 – from around £90,000 depending on specification.

That adds up to a 3 bedroom Luxury Lodge with a freehold plot of land on a beautiful tropical garden park, swimming pool, 2 lakes and as much sunshine as the weather permits for around £110,000.

Luxury mobile homes in France

If you are looking for a high quality home but not quite as large or pricey as a lodge, then a mobile home will be the option for you. Choose from all the major UK manufactured mobile homes and Eurobase will arrange for it to be built to your specification, and coordinate the transport and installation. All you need to do is arrive and enjoy.

Prices vary greatly depending on size, specification, models and makes. The average cost of a new mobile home starts at around £40,000 including transport and installation. You can obviously go up in the model range, add options and extras and then go for decking where permissible.

On Domaine des Lotus for example you could have the new Willerby Chambery for around £45,000 to £50,000

Some parks allow pre owned mobile homes which usually cost around £15,000 installed and ready to move into. Eurobase have access to some good quality used homes but they tend to sell very quickly and once they are gone, they are usually gone for another year. All the used homes tend to be bought and sold in the winter. So if you see one you will need to be quick!

All in all, residential parks and small peaceful campsites are a very popular option for many looking for somewhere to while away their time in beautiful surroundings.

Viewing trips

Viewing trips are available and Eurobase advise that this is THE most important part of the process. A home is a home and can be ordered at any time, your perfect plot on the perfect park will almost certainly be snapped up and won’t become available for decades after it is occupied!

So don’t miss out! Do some research and choose a region, then take a wee trip to France to find a plot and THEN choose your home. That way you won’t be walking past the owners of the perfect plot you missed each time you go to that Boulangerie.

You can get more information about mobile homes in France at www.eurobasemobilehomes.com and if it is a lodge or freehold plot you are after, go to www.parkhomesabroad.com Or call 01903 44 20 25 for a friendly chat.

Note: All prices are indicative and vary depending on models, specifications and locations.

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