18 French words to help you buy a house in France

18 French words to help you buy a house in France

Do you know your ‘frais’ from your ‘prêt’ and ‘acheteur’ from ‘vendeur’? Brush up on the basic terms before you buy a French property

à vendre: for sale

acheter: to buy

acheteur (m), acheteuse (f): buyer

un acompte: deposit

l’acte de vente: deed of sale

un agent immobilier: estate agent

un bien immobilier: property

bon état: good condition

le certificat d’urbanisme: outline planning permission

le compromis de vente: initial sale/preliminary contract

le délai de réflexion: cooling-off period

le droit de succession: inheritance rights

les frais d’agence: agency fees

les frais de notaire: notaire’s fees

le marché immobilier: property market

le notaire: legal professional employed by the French government to draw up property sale contracts and ensure taxes are paid

un prêt immobilier: mortgage

vendeur (m), vendeuse (f): seller

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