10 reasons to buy a mobile home in France

10 reasons to buy a mobile home in France

Low cost, no hassle, all shapes and sizes – here are 10 reasons why a mobile home in France could be the ideal option

1. Budget-friendly

If your budget for a French holiday home is limited, a leisure home could be the answer. Even brand new with all mod cons they can be bought from around €20,000, while quality second-hand homes often come up for sale at around €10,000. From basic models to luxurious lodge-like residences, they come in all shapes and sizes. And what’s more – you’ll be saving money on holiday accommodation too.

2. Stepping stone

If you’re unsure about committing to an investment in bricks and mortar, a mobile home can be a good way to test the lifestyle first. Many people start out with a mobile home and then progress to a property purchase, while others are more than happy to stick with their park home.

3. Great locations

Mobile homes are usually on holiday parks, so it follows that they will be situated in scenic locations, perhaps by the beach, a lake or river, or close to popular tourist towns and attractions. They are also often located in a peaceful environment but close to shops, markets, restaurants – and within easy distance of ports or airports.

4. No fees, no taxes

As you’re only buying a mobile home and not a ‘fixed’ abode, and not the land, there are no fees involved from a notaire nor from an agent. Not paying them adds up to a significant saving – they normally amount to around 10% of a property’s sale price.

5. No currency risk

If you buy through a UK-based company you can pay for your mobile home in sterling, meaning you don’t have to worry about exchange rates – or language difficulties!

6. Shared facilities

If your mobile home is sited on a holiday park you can take full advantage of on-site facilities which may include swimming pools, tennis courts and a restaurant or bar. You’ll also be part of a friendly ‘holiday’ community, perfect for those who are a little nervous about integrating into a French community. Holiday parks are also particularly ideal for families.

7. Maintenance-free

While there may be the odd job to do to keep your leisure home spick and span, on the whole they are virtually maintenance-free, leaving you free to enjoy your holiday time in France. You don’t have to worry about the garden either, as communal areas are taken care of. What’s more, with no decorating or renovating to worry about, you can start using it as soon as it’s yours.

8. Lock up and leave

A leisure home is perhaps the most convenient choice of holiday home; you can literally lock it up and leave, resting safe in the knowledge that on-site staff will keep an eye on it, and perhaps even CCTV.

9. Furniture included

You don’t need to worry about the hassle of buying furniture either, as leisure homes are usually supplied fully fitted and furnished. There’s often a choice of furniture packages, meaning you can have a say in the decor of your holiday home.

10. Avoid French inheritance law

As a moveable asset, your mobile home won’t be subject to French laws and tax systems, but rather to those of the country where you live or are domiciled (provided it conserves its means of mobility and is used on a temporary basis). This can be particularly attractive to those with complicated family set-ups who want to avoid France’s forced heirship rules (by which you have to leave a proportion of your property to your offspring) or high inheritance taxes between non-blood family members (for example stepchildren).

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