Indian Food In Paris

Indian Food In Paris

If there is one thing that can bring people together, without hesitation, it is usually food. There is no denying that the French take their food seriously, and while food is a majorly important aspect of most cultures, there can be no denying that Indian way of cooking and serving food wildly compliments the French love affair with cuisine. The complexity of aromas and spices, the richness, there are many commonalities between these two types of cuisines.

So, it seems natural that the vibrant streets of France’s most culturally diverse city would be filled with high quality Indian restaurants. Short of travelling to India itself, these spots are a perfect way to experience Indian cuisine.

Desi Road

A true Indian icon in the heart of Paris, Desi Road is a sophisticated restaurant that will blow your mind. Its whitewashed interiors are adorned with stylish paintings and exquisite murals. The restaurant owners have another location called MG Road on Rue Dauphine. These owners are sprinkling a little Indian goodness across Paris.

The restaurant was inspired by the idea of Iranian cafés in Mumbai. These cafés became a part of Mumbai’s culture in the early 20th century by Irani immigrants. The inspiration is a nod to the melting and blending of cultures, much like Paris is today.

Desi Road is small but has a space that customers will find comfortable. Operations are carried out with modern culinary methods and technology to offer the best. When you visit, the size of most meals may seem small. However, you are free to choose a lush thali for yourself. They are also quite reasonably priced. Their chicken curry, vegetable curry, thali, and pani puri are among the best that Paris has to offer.

Indian food in small dishes

Indian food © Pixabay

New Jawad Longchamp

Located in the 16th arrondissement, on the afore named Rue de Longchamp, this spot is currently one of the highest rated Indian restaurants in the whole city. Situated near Trocadero, the chic and contemporary restaurant might intimidate you at first with its white tablecloths, but the food is so inviting, it is impossible to not feel at home.

The menu is a tour of the different regions and cuisines throughout India and Pakistan, and most items can be ordered à la carte, or you can partake in a reasonably priced menu. The     à la carte menu is quite varied, with a large array of lamb, chicken, fish and a very plentiful array of vegetarian options.

Luckily, the restaurant is also child-friendly, which makes it a great spot not just for dinner dates, but a family night out. Famously, the service is also cordial, warm and inviting, which only adds to the experience.

Muniyandi Vilas

This restaurant makes a brilliant entry into our selection of the best Indian restaurants. Simple but impressive, Muniyandi Vilas is located in the Rue du Faubourg, Saint-Denis. The focus of the menu is mainly South Indian, and there is a focus on parathas. Be sure to try their vegetarian biryani, kottu parotta, chicken curry, and of course, cheese paratha.

The decor is elegant while understated, while the interior strongly resembles a typical restaurant on an ordinary Delhi street. If you choose one of the various menus, you will probably want more. If you’re looking for a quality Indian restaurant at a reasonable price in Paris, Muniyandi Vilas is the place to go.

Although it is small, it is often crowded with customers looking for the best of Indian cuisine. It is quite affordable, and unassuming, so it is a perfect place to take the whole family.

Travel with an India visa

It is undeniable that these restaurants are some of the best that Paris has to offer. Of course, travelling to India is another culinary experience in and of itself. Most travellers from the US, the EU and the UK need an Indian visa to travel there. The India visa is easy to apply for, and is valid for 30 days. With the India visa you can visit different areas of the entire country to experience the street food, restaurants and general cuisine on a personal level.

Currently, UK travellers are not allowed to use the electronic version of the Indian visa. Although they can still apply for a paper version. The paper Indian visa does come in different varieties, and for different time limits, whereas the Indian evisa is valid for 30 days.

The online Indian visa Indian visa is a little bit different in the sense that the validity begins from the moment of approval, and after that, you have 30 days to enter the country. Once you enter the country, you will receive a stamp on your passport, and you will then have 30 days from that date to travel through India. This holds true for all travellers in possession of an Indian visa.

Lead photo credit : Indian food © Pixabay

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