Beyond Croissants: 9 French Breakfast Recipes to Start Your Day Right

Beyond Croissants: 9 French Breakfast Recipes to Start Your Day Right

We love a good petit déjeuner… Picture yourself on a hotel balcony high above the streets of Paris with a platter of pastries and breakfast goods, what will you reach for first? Here are some classic French breakfast recipes that you can make at home. Bon appetit!

Pain au Chocolat

A pain au chocolat is a delicious and indulgent breakfast option that is perfect for those who enjoy a sweet start to their day. It’s loved by many and made with flaky, buttery pastry that is wrapped around rich chocolate.


Brioche is a classic French breakfast food that is enjoyed in various ways. It is often served as a slice with jam, honey, or even chocolate, and can also be used in dishes like French toast or bread and butter pudding.

Pain perdu

Pain perdu is a French breakfast food that is also known as French toast. It is made by soaking slices of stale bread in an eggy mixture and toasting them until golden.

Oeufs en Cocotte

Oeufs cocotte – Shutterstock

Oeufs cocotte consists of eggs that are cooked in individual ramekins or cocottes, which are then placed in a water bath and baked in the oven (bain-marie). Feel free to add ham, cheese, mushrooms, or herbs.


Crepes can be served with a variety of fillings, both sweet and savory, such as fresh berries, jam, chocolate, sweetened Greek yogurt, whipped cream cheese, banana and caramel, and more.



Madeleines are known for their distinctive shell shape with tapered edges, smooth on one side and bumpy on the other. They are often eaten hot in the French markets with a coffee in the morning, or at the 4pm goûter, the French equivalent of the British afternoon tea.

Currant Whirls

Currant whirls are a delicious breakfast pastry made with light pastry and a generous serving of currants. They are perfect for breakfast, brunch, or an afternoon snack.


The classic French baguette can be a delicious breakfast item, especially when paired with butter and jam…


Perhaps the most famous breakfast item of all, the croissant. You’re sitting at a quaint French café on a beautiful morning, the sun is shining, and the air is crisp. You take a bite of your buttery croissant, and it’s like a little piece of heaven…

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