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Language & culture

Tarte aux abricots © Snap and Stir

Indulge in a classic French pastry by following our recipe for tarte aux abricots

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Parfum de France language school

Ever thought about trying a French language immersion course? We sent Ian Moore to a language school in the Loire Valley to find out what an immersion course involves and if it works

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Read French news © Tomnex / Dreamstime.com

If you have mastered French but want to maintain your language skills then our 6 tips for advanced learners will help you to continue to improve your French

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Meeting with other French speakers © Stuart Key / Dreamstime

If you have mastered the basics but are struggling to find the time to improve your French vocabulary then our 6 tips for intermediates will help you continue your language learning

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Recipe: cheese soufflé

Monday, July 13, 2015
Cheese souffle © Snap and Stir

Whip up this twice-baked cheese soufflé for a perfect summertime lunch

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Learning French for beginners © Fotolia

If you are struggling to find time to revise French grammar books then our 6 tips for learning French will help you fit your language-learning around your busy life

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Citron © Rita Strik

The French word ‘un citron’ means ‘a lemon’ but did you know it can also be used as an informal word for ‘head’? Here are 5 ways to use the French word for ‘lemon’

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Ville-Dommange, Champagne

3D Wines explore the famous wine country of Burgundy. ADVERTISING FEATURE

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Recipe: Cherry clafoutis

Monday, June 8, 2015
Recipe for cherry clafoutis © Snap and Stir

Make full use of the first cherries of the season and try our recipe for cherry clafoutis

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French phrases related to the tax system © Fotolia

Do you know how to say ‘a taxpayer’ or ‘marital status’ in French? Here are 19 French words and phrases you need to know to navigate the tax system in France

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Recipe: French lamb stew

Thursday, May 14, 2015
Spring lamb stew © Snap and Stir

Enjoy a classic spring dish with this recipe for a French lamb stew – navarin printanier and find our how the dish got its name

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Setting up your water supply in France © fotolia

Do you know how to say ‘meter reading’ or ‘peak hours’ in French? Here are 20 French words to help you set up your gas, electricity, water and telephone supplies in France

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Oeufs en cocotte a la creme recipe © Snap and Stir

Try the rich and creamy oeufs en cocotte à la crème at home and discover some variations on the dish you can expect in different areas of France

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Test your knowledge by pairing the English and French words for each fruit in this fun game of Pairs.

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Wine and cheese

Love the thought of touring French vineyards and spending days sampling delicious French food and wines? Then check out our favourite 10 food and drink holidays across France that include among others champagne trails, river cruises and cognac tasting breaks

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Banking in France © Dreamstime

Do you know how to say ‘cash’ or ‘overdraft’ in French? Here are 18 words and phrases you need to know in order to be able to use the French banking system

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