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Yorkshire Festival 2014 2

Yorkshire stages Tour de France Festival

As Yorkshire prepares to launch the Tour de France in July, Caroline Bishop reveals how the county’s arts community has organised a very British festival to celebrate this most French of sporting events

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The Snail 1953 © Succession Henri Matisse/DACS 2013

Henri Matisse: the master of colour

During a career spanning six decades, HENRI MATISSE created a vast body of work that changed the course of 20th-century art. Zoë McIntyre outlines his eventful life

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Easter in France

Celebrate Easter with treats from one of France’s finest pâtissiers

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Inside Le Py-R

Le Py-R, Toulouse

Although the restaurant’s name might be hard to swallow, the food is certainly not, as Zoë McIntyre finds out.

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Paul Cézanne

The life and times of Paul Cézanne

In his quest to capture the distinctive light of southern France, PAUL CÉZANNE paved the way for modern art. Zoë McIntyre sketches the life of an artist born 175 years ago

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Robert Lyndsay

My France: Robert Lindsay

Actor Robert Lindsay was once a student of mime in Paris and is starring in the new West End musical Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, set on the French Riviera. He tells Caroline Bishop about his long association with France

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Self-catering guide to Arles, Bouches-du-Rhône

The hearty flavours of olive-oil bread and spicy saucisson tempted 
Jon Bryant during a stroll through the market and shops of Arles

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©Jack Ladenburg

still trills

As a nationwide tour begins, playwright RACHEL WAGSTAFF tells Caroline Bishop about adapting a celebrated World War I novel for the stage

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© Fotolia

Classic cuisine: blanquette de veau

Slow cooking in a flavoured broth takes boiled meat to a whole new level in the creamy blanquette de veau, says Rosa Jackson

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Coffrets Maison du Chocolat~1

French Valentine’s Day Treats

Impress your loved one this Valentine’s Day with a carefully chosen French treat

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Grain Store © Amy Murrell

Restaurant Review: Grain Store, London

Eleanor O’Kane tantalised her tastebuds at Bruno Loubet’s new restaurant

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Vineyards at the family estate of Château de Beaupré © Dominic Rippon

Women winemakers

Winemaking in France was once a male preserve, but femmes vigneronnes are increasingly making their mark

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Russell Watson

Interview with Russell Watson

The English tenor RUSSELL WATSON talks to Caroline Bishop about working with the creators of the musical Les Misérables on his latest album, learning French and holidaying in Normandy

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The beers of Brasserie Artisanale du Mascaret © Caroline Bishop

Brewing up a storm

Unable to become the winemaker he wished to be, Fabrice Rivière has turned another passion into a surprising success story, says Caroline Bishop

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Marché de Rungis © Eve Middleton

Paris’s secret market

For an insider’s view on where Paris sources its finest produce, Eve Middleton joined a group tour of the Marché de Rungis

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