19 pictures that sum up why France is a magical place to live and visit

PUBLISHED: 13:23 11 November 2015 | UPDATED: 13:36 12 January 2016

The beautiful silhouette of Eiffel Tower

The beautiful silhouette of Eiffel Tower


From majestic mountain ranges to Mediterranean beaches, fine food to high fashion is it any wonder so many people love France so much?


 1 It is certainly a diverse country! From pretty French villages



 2 ...To elegant royal châteaux, fit for kings



 3 From rolling countryside, which is home to picturesque vineyards and lavender fields...



 4 …That has inspired some of the world’s great artists (Monet, Degas and Renoir to name a few)…



 5 ...To no less than 7 imposing mountain ranges, including the world famous Alps 



 6 A stunning coastline, a favourite of the rich and famous




 7 ...And who can forget Paris?



 8 It’s a country for adrenaline junkies too…



 9 ...From skiing and mountain biking…



 10 ...To climbing and watersports



 11 There is something for every outdoor sport lover



 12 And, of course, is home to the oldest and most prestigious of all cycling Great Tours and world’s most famous cycling race, the Tour de France



 13 While for the cultured there are 35 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the staggeringly beautiful Palace of Versailles



 14 And fashion followers look on in envy at the elegant, chic style of French women



 15 France is also the home of champagne - need we say more?



 16 Not forgetting other famous wines, including Burgundy and Bordeaux 



 17 And then there’s the French pâtisseries, who could forget them?



 18 Not to mention the cheese…



 19 And the restaurants – 27 of which have been awarded three Michelin Stars, including L’Ambroisie in Paris




 Voilà pourquoi nous aimons la France








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