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Blevins Franks

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Covering: UK

The leading international tax and wealth management advisers to UK expatriates in Europe, with local offices throughout France.

WTC 2,
120 route des Macarons,
Sophia Antipolis,

Tel: 0 805 112 163

Blevins Franks has been providing specialist, professional financial advice to British expatriates across Europe for over forty years. Our expertise covers cross-border tax, estate planning, pensions and investment management to offer a genuinely holistic approach to financial planning under one roof.

Our local advisers live and work throughout France, and have in-depth, personal knowledge of the complex French tax regime and how it interacts with UK taxation. They can help you take advantage of tax-efficient opportunities in France and ensure you use arrangements to suit your family’s unique circumstances.

This includes:
• Tax mitigation – making sure you have a clear understanding of your cross-border tax position and liabilities, and advising how your investments and estate planning can best be structured to minimise taxes.
• Estate planning – helping ensure your wealth passes to your chosen heirs at the right time in the most tax-efficient way possible.
• Investments – establishing your personal risk profile and objectives to design a suitable, diversified investment strategy for you.
• Pensions – our in-house UK pension specialists carefully analyse your options, including QROPS, to recommend how best to structure your pension arrangements to meet your needs.
• Trusts – providing a comprehensive range of trustee and corporate services through Blevins Franks Trustees.

Blevins Franks also supports British nationals through local offices in Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Malta, Monaco and the UK.

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Currencies Direct

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Covering: All regions of France

Currencies Direct are an award winning currency exchange company who can offer safe secure currency transfers for our clients. We can offer a variety of services including rate watch, forward contracts, spot contracts and market updates. Quote A010231

Tel: 0044(0) 207 847 9446

Currencies Direct are an award winning currency exchange company who can offer safe secure currency transfers for our clients. We can offer a variety of services including rate watch, forward contracts, spot contracts and market updates. Quote A010231 on registration.


DeVere Group

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Covering: All regions of France 

Largest IFA network providing independent financial advice to residents of France

29 Rue Taitbout

Tel: +33 (0)670474457

Established in 2002. Fully regulated and authorized. Offer free independent expert advice on:

UK pension transfers (Qrops)

Tax efficient investment

Currency exchange

UK mortgage services

Property investment portfolios

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Covering: All regions of France 

Helping the English Spoken

2 lot le Carrosse

Tel: +33 (0)950 758 192
Tel: +33 (0)665 027 509


Fed up of not understanding?

When you go to France, it is not easy to calculate how much of an upheaval the move from the UK will be. Dealing with health issues, applications, letters, internet, schools and the local ‘Mairie’ all can be a little overwhelming.

The funny thing is I speak fluent French, like a native and it never dawned on me how the non French speakers might feel; the frustration, the agony, the isolation of it all. The last thing you need is someone giving you some moral lecture on the fact you’re in France and should make the effort to speak French.
Where does it stop I thought, for me I know when it stopped, the constant headaches stopped because I got so organised that the French agencies just know you know when you have the answers, so they don’t mess you about.

It is hard to let people know what we can do, the help we have can give, the money (and we mean thousands of Euros) that we have sometime saved clients in tax and contributions.
It is even more difficult to let them know of how professional we are.

The tools we use;
Our business is cloud based so we can go anywhere, but usually we can reach our clients by phone- the customer experience is and has to be near on effortless for our clients so we created a portal for our customers.
They can ask us to help, chat to us, and even be kept informed through the knowledge base created just for them.
It is not about being an expert or even coming to your house, it is about listening, then about knowing.
The team has a knowledge base of just fewer than 9000 categories and sub categories each with their FAQ and a search engine.

We are a dedicated team and we care about our clients.
If you subscribe to us for a small monthly or annual fee; you, your partner and children become a member, valued clients where we will help you with translations, schools, taxes, contributions, health. So, if this is just what you are looking for, go to: and fill in the form, we will call you back and see how we can help you.





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Covering: All regions of France  

As a leading currency broker, our goal is to connect clients with ultra-competitive exchange rates and a uniquely dedicated international money transfer service.

St Mary's Terrace

Tel: +44 (0)800 612 9625
Tel: +44 (0)1736 335 250

Key Facts:

Our group processes in excess of 3 billion Pounds in foreign exchange and international payments per annum.

With offices in the UK, mainland Europe, Australia, the USA and South Africa, our group employs over 300 highly-skilled financial services employees.

We hold the highest credit rating with Dun & Bradstreet, are licensed as a money transmitter by HM Revenue & Customs and are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

We are a member of the UK Money Transmitters Association.

We’ve been trusted by more than 50,000 private clients and over 4,000 corporate clients.
Ensuring the security of client funds is of paramount importance to us, which is why we operate safeguarded accounts in accordance with the Payment Service Regulations.

We receive 5* reviews on Trustpilot for our first-class customer care and money-saving services.

In 2016 we won both the Consumer Moneyfacts International Money Transfer Provider of the Year award and the overall Best Customer Service Award, beating over 100 other companies across 24 different categories.