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French news stories © Iropa / Dreamstime

French news stories that caught our eye this week

French Olympic team wins record medal haul, wine and beer production to fall this year and Brigitte Bardot’s former home on the market – the French news headlines that caught our eye this week

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Free language learning resources © nito100 / Thinkstockphotos

Ways you can learn French for free

Learning a language can be expensive but there are plenty of free resources that can help you learn French without opening your wallet!

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Financier recipe © Takoyaki / Thinkstock

Recipe: financiers

This delicate almond cake is a favourite with French bakers and now you can make your own with this simple recipe and expert tips

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These quotes will make you want to visit France

From writers to film stars, many have been inspired by France and French life. Here are 20 of our favourite quotes about France

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Improve your French with an immersion course with French in the Dordogne

Learn French and discover Dordogne on an immersion course

Improve your French and discover Dordogne on a week-long immersion course near Bergerac with French in the Dordogne

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Villa Savoye, Poissy, Paris © Fondation Courbusier

Le Corbusier: Grand Designer

Le Corbusier was an architect who divided opinion. But his influence as a pioneer of modern architecture was undeniable and 17 of his works are now named as UNESCO World Heritage Sites

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The Bonjour Effect

WIN! A copy of ‘The Bonjour Effect’

Enter our competition to win a copy of ‘The Bonjour Effect’ by Julie Barlow and Jean-Benoît Nadeau

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Interview with Alex Vlahos © Leigh Keily

Interview with Alexander Vlahos

Welsh actor Alexander Vlahos takes us behind the scenes of TV drama Versailles in which he plays Louis XIV’s brother

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Tomme de Savoie

Our 15 favourite French cheeses

Here’s a round-up of our very favourite buys from the fromagerie

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Light and fresh, scallops make for a perfect summertime supper © Dreamstime

Recipe for pan-fried scallops

Less is more when it comes to showing off the subtle flavours and textures of this popular shellfish, says French cookbook author Rosa Jackson

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Dolce Vita restaurant in Saint-Tropez

The best Saint-Tropez restaurants

The chic resort of Saint-Tropez is a food lover’s paradise with restaurants for all budgets. Here is our pick of places to eat

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Language-learning apps © Tsiumpa / Fotolia

Great apps to help you learn French

Language-learning apps are a great way to learn French whenever and wherever you can. These are our favourite ones to use

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Bastille Day in France © encrier / ThinkstockPhotos

What is Bastille Day?

Anyone who has been in France on 14 July will know that Bastille Day or the Fête Nationale is a big deal in France, but what is it and where do you celebrate it?

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© Just Provence

28 French property types explained

Learn these essential French property types to help with your househunting in France

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Snails (escargots) are a speciality of Burgundy © Margouillat / Dreamstime

Burgundy: food and wine

With coq au vin, escargots and boeuf bourguignon as its speciality dishes, the food in Burgundy is exceptional. Especially when accompanied by a glass of Burgundy wine!

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This tangy tarte au citron makes fresh summer dessert ©Thinkstock / margouillatphotos

Recipe for tarte au citron

What better way to round off a dinner party than with the classic French dessert tarte au citron? Make your own delicious lemon tart with this recipe

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