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Holidays in France

Ferdinand Cheval's incredible Ideal Palace outdoor museum ©Dreamstime

Visit France’s most unusual museums

Fancy something a little different during your next trip to France? Visit one of France’s many weird and wonderful museums

Impact of Brexit on holidaymakers © pichet_w / ThinkstockPhotos

What impact could Brexit have on British holidaymakers?

Visas, EHICs, passports, exchange rates and the price of flights... We take a look at how Brexit could affect Brits visiting the EU

The stunning Calanque de Port-Pin ©ThinkstockPhotos-Marcobarone

Discover the stunning secret beaches of the South of France

Escape the holiday crowds with our selection of some of the best hidden beaches in the South of France. Just don’t tell anyone else about them.

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Living in France

The flower-filled entrance at La Solinière

Behind the scenes of a luxury wedding venue in France

Dreaming of a happily ever after in France? Running a wedding venue could be just your ticket. Gillian Harvey finds out how Clive Harvey found his storybook ending doing just that in Deux-Sèvres

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Win! A copy of the novel Fatal Pursuit

Enter our competition to win a copy of the novel, Fatal Pursuit

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House in France © Fotolia

What effect could a Brexit have on British expats in France?

Does a Brexit from the EU mean that British expats in France will lose the rights and benefits they currently enjoy? We examine some of the issues at stake

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British children at French schools © haywiremedia / dreamstime

How I survived as a British child at a French school

A British child who grew up in France shares her experiences of the French school system and how she coped not speaking any French when she started

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Not just a tourist hotspot, Paris makes the perfect place to live too

10 reasons why Paris is a perfect place to live

As one of the world’s most visited cities, Paris is clearly popular with tourists, but the French capital makes a great place to live too. Here are 10 reasons why Paris is the perfect place to live

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Property in France

How will Brexit impact currency?

Brexit: the impact on the pound and exchange rates

How could Brexit continue to impact upon the value of the pound and the pound-euro exchange rate? What does this mean for me and how to I protect against it?

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Will I still be able to buy a property in France after Brexit?

Brexit: Will I still be able to buy a property in France?

How will Brexit change property ownership, the buying process, tax and inheritance rules and the pound-euro exchange rate for British buyers of French property?

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Chamonix in the summer

Properties in Chamonix, the ultimate year-round resort

Leading developer MGM French Properties offers its top picks in Chamonix, the ultimate year-round resort in the French Alps

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Impact of Brexit on taxes for expats © Unclesam / Fotolia

What are the tax implications of a Brexit for British expats?

When Britain leaves the EU will British expats in France find themselves paying more tax and having their access to healthcare and ability to work in France restricted? Keep up to date with the latest information

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French culture

Bastille Day in France © encrier / ThinkstockPhotos

What is Bastille Day?

Anyone who has been in France on 14 July will know that Bastille Day or the Fête Nationale is a big deal in France, but what is it and where do you celebrate it?

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© Just Provence

28 French property types explained

Learn these essential French property types to help with your househunting in France

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Snails (escargots) are a speciality of Burgundy © Margouillat / Dreamstime

Burgundy: food and wine

With coq au vin, escargots and boeuf bourguignon as its speciality dishes, the food in Burgundy is exceptional. Especially when accompanied by a glass of Burgundy wine!

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French news headlines © Iropa / Dreamstime

French news stories that caught our eye this week

Anger over the names for France’s new regions, reports that French people are eating fewer baguettes and fan violence erupts at Euros 2016 – the French news headlines that caught our eye this week

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