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The Snail 1953 © Succession Henri Matisse/DACS 2013

Henri Matisse: the master of colour

During a career spanning six decades, HENRI MATISSE created a vast body of work that changed the course of 20th-century art. Zoë McIntyre outlines his eventful life

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Robert Lyndsay

My France: Robert Lindsay

Actor Robert Lindsay was once a student of mime in Paris and is starring in the new West End musical Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, set on the French Riviera. He tells Caroline Bishop about his long association with France

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Russell Watson

Interview with Russell Watson

The English tenor RUSSELL WATSON talks to Caroline Bishop about working with the creators of the musical Les Misérables on his latest album, learning French and holidaying in Normandy

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Author Francesca Simon © Francesco Guidicini

Interview with Francesca Simon

Children’s author Francesca Simon, creator of the Horrid Henry series, talks to Eve Middleton about her Parisian childhood, and what France means to her now

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Louis de Bernieres © Ivon Bartholomew

Interview with Louis de Bernière

Best known as the author of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, writer LOUIS DE BERNIÈRES talks to Anna McKittrick about his French roots and the inspiration he finds on visits across the Channel

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Raquel Cassidy

Interview with Raquel Cassidy

Best known for her role in the BBC comedy series Lead Balloon, actress RAQUEL CASSIDY has joined the cast of ITV’s drama Downton Abbey. She tells Zoë McIntyre about her acting and travelling experiences in France

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French singer Charles Aznavour

Aznavour encore

The legendary chansonnier is preparing to perform his first UK concert in 
more than 25 years. He tells Zoë McIntyre about his forthcoming show

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Photograph taken by Marco Secchi

Interview with Lord Ashdown

Former leader of the Liberal Democrats LORD ASHDOWN talks to Régine Godfrey about his literary quest to honour British and French wartime heroes
and how Savoie has become his home from home

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Illustration by Tim Wesson

Summer in Paris

Our regular columnist Stephen Clarke gives expert tips on summertime in Paris

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Proms queen Katie Derham

Interview with Katie Derham

Broadcaster and BBC Proms presenter Katie Derham has long been a Francophile, thanks to family holidays that began in childhood. She tells Carolyn Boyd about her fondest memories and the music that inspires her

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Richard Clayderman © James McMillan

Interview with Richard Clayderman

French pianist RICHARD CLAYDERMAN has sold 85 million albums with arrangements of classical and popular tunes. He tells Pierre de Villiers about his early musical life and why he had to change his name

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Madeleine Peyroux © Mary-Ellen MarK

Interview with Madeleine Peyroux

French-American singer MADELEINE PEYROUX began her career as one of the street musicians in Paris’s Latin Quarter. She tells Zoë McIntyre about her favourite French haunts past and present

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