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Holidays in France

Children playing in the wooden caravans in the Domaine de Manville in Bouches-du-Rhône ©MOIRENC_MANVILLE

Family-friendly places to stay in France

From staying high up in treehouses to sleeping next to Arctic wolves in a zoo, France has a lot to offer for family-friendly stays

A picnic on the Champ de Mars in Paris is a must-do ©ThinkstockPhotos

The best picnic spots in Paris

Enjoy a picnic in Paris in one of the city’s many beautiful parks and gardens. Here’s our pick of the best picnic spots in Paris

Tour de France © B. Bade / ASO

The complete guide to the Tour de France

Discover the route of the 2016 Tour de France, the best places to cheer on the peloton and the history of the world’s most famous cycle race

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Living in France

House in France © Fotolia

What effect could a Brexit have on British expats in France?

Does a Brexit from the EU mean that British expats in France will lose the rights and benefits they currently enjoy? We examine some of the issues at stake

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British children at French schools © haywiremedia / dreamstime

How I survived as a British child at a French school

A British child who grew up in France shares her experiences of the French school system and how she coped not speaking any French when she started

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Not just a tourist hotspot, Paris makes the perfect place to live too

10 reasons why Paris is a perfect place to live

As one of the world’s most visited cities, Paris is clearly popular with tourists, but the French capital makes a great place to live too. Here are 10 reasons why Paris is the perfect place to live

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Vineyards around Loubès-Bernac © CDT47

What is it like to move to France on your own?

You’ve read plenty about moving to France as a couple or family but what if you are on your own? Can it still work? Meet a Brit who moved on her own and has no regrets

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Swimming pool maintenance is essential in a property management business © ThinkstockPhotos

11 tips for running a successful property management business

Managing other people’s properties in France and letting them out to holidaymakers is a great way to earn an income. Make sure your business is a success with these 11 tips

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Property in France

Impact of Brexit on taxes for expats © Unclesam / Fotolia

What are the tax implications of a Brexit for British expats?

When Britain leaves the EU will British expats in France find themselves paying more tax and having their access to healthcare and ability to work in France restricted? Keep up to date with the latest information

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Should property buyers be concerned about a Brexit © John Nielsen / Fotolia

Should French property buyers be concerned about Brexit?

Britain has voted to leave the EU. There has been much speculation about whether Brits will still be able to buy property, live and work in France and what restrictions might they face. Nothing is certain, but we aim to keep you up to date with the latest developments and information

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Tips for successful househunting © Cinzia8 / Dreamstime

10 insider tips for successful househunting

Planning a househunting trip to France? Follow these 10 insider tips to make sure everything goes smoothing and you find your dream French property

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Tips for getting a French mortgage © Tuned_In / Thinkstockphotos

Financing your dream home in France

Offshoreonline share their top 10 tips for ensuring your French mortgage is arranged quickly and smoothly and you can buy your dream home in France

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French culture

Snails (escargots) are a speciality of Burgundy © Margouillat / Dreamstime

Burgundy: food and wine

With coq au vin, escargots and boeuf bourguignon as its speciality dishes, the food in Burgundy is exceptional. Especially when accompanied by a glass of Burgundy wine!

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French news headlines © Iropa / Dreamstime

French news stories that caught our eye this week

Anger over the names for France’s new regions, reports that French people are eating fewer baguettes and fan violence erupts at Euros 2016 – the French news headlines that caught our eye this week

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This tangy tarte au citron makes fresh summer dessert ©Thinkstock / margouillatphotos

Recipe for tarte au citron

What better way to round off a dinner party than with the classic French dessert tarte au citron? Make your own delicious lemon tart with this recipe

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It wouldn't be France without bread...

6 classic types of French bread

Here’s a round-up of the bread stalwarts you’ll find in boulangeries across France

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