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French news headlines © Iropa / Dreamstime

French news stories that caught our eye this week

The Louvre pyramid vanishes, a museum of wine opening in Bordeaux and fuel shortages across France – the French news headlines that caught our eye this week

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The French delicacy of snails © Landon Nordeman

French food delicacies you should try

Snails, frogs' legs and sea urchins... Be brave and try some French delicacies, you might be pleasantly surprised

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Kouglof from Alsace © Yulia Vinogradov / ThinkstockPhoto

Alsace: regional food and drink

Germanic influences are easy to see in the local food and drink specialities of Alsace in eastern France which include kouglof, pain d’épices and white wine

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Louis XIV of France © Georgios Kollidas / Thinkstockphotos

Famous French Figures: King Louis XIV

Louis XIV, the ‘Sun King’, was king of France during a time of prosperity and left a legacy of art and architecture, including the iconic Palace of Versailles

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French films you should watch

10 must-see French films

Improve your level of French with our selection of the best of modern French cinema

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This tangy tarte au citron makes fresh summer dessert ©Thinkstock; margouillatphotos

Recipe for tarte au citron

Round off dinner parties in style with a slice of this zesty lemon tart

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'Toast' was from the French verb 'toster' meaning 'to grill' all along! ©iStockphotos

You’ll never believe which English foods derived from French words

Thought bacon, toast and cabbage were quintessentially British foods? Think again! We’ve uncovered 10 food-related English words that were originally French and you’ll never believe what they are…

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'Tomber dans les pommes', which means to 'pass out' © Rita Strik / Living France

15 of the funniest French idioms

Sound like a true French speaker by throwing some of these funny French idioms into conversation

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L'Escargot, London's oldest French restaurant ©Mike Abrahams

French restaurants in London you really need to try

Need your fix of French food while in London? Head to one of these French restaurants in London to get a true taste of France

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Funnyman Ian Moore still isn't sure on how best to greet someone in France

Ian Moore: how many times should you kiss in France?

The Englishman in France on why the French greeting is so awkward...

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Learn French with a daily email © Frantastique

Learn French in just 15 minutes a day

Learn French in just 15 minutes a day with daily email lessons from Frantastique, which include a fun story, personalised corrections and explanations

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L’Abeille at the Shangri-La hotel

Which Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris are worth splashing out on?

Whether you’re treating a partner to an extravagant dinner, or you’re wanting to celebrate a special occasion with some of France’s finest cuisine, here are six of the best Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris that are well worth splashing out on.

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Le Chateau du Poiron in Vendee

Learn French in France

Join us in the heart of the Vendée at Le Château du Poiron for residential French language courses run by Le Poiron Bonjour


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Grégory Fitoussi © Guillaume Collet/SIPA/REX/Shutterstock

An interview with Grégory Fitoussi

French actor Grégory Fitoussi discusses his new role in Spin, starring in Mr Selfridge and his love of skydiving

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April Fool's jokes are called poissons d'avril in France ©Ingram Publishing/ThinkstockPhotos

April Fool’s day in France

As we all get our pranks and jokes ready for April Fool’s day, we take a look at the French tradition of ‘le poisson d’avril’.

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A Paris metro sign © Paris Tourist Office

31 French phrases to use on public transport

Choose from our pick of words to navigate the French public transport system with ease

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