Mortgages in France

Why now is the time to buy property with a French mortgage

With the pound recently hitting a seven-year high against the euro, Clare Nessling explains why there’s never been a better time to take out a French mortgage

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Why buy property with a French mortgage?

Why buy a property in France with a French mortgage if you could raise funds through UK equity release or have sufficient savings? Sharon Hill explains the benefits

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Count the costs: French mortgages

If you are thinking of taking out a French mortgage to fund your dream move to France, read Sharon Hill’s guide to the associated costs of borrowing across the Channel

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Financing your dream home: French mortgages explained

The style of property you are planning to buy in France and the location it is in can determine the mortgage conditions you are offered, as Simon Smallwood explains

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Choosing a French mortgage

The number of French mortgages can be daunting but Sharon Hill asserts that they are all like vanilla sundaes. Now, would you like sprinkles or strawberry sauce with that?

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Buying property: cash or mortgage?

How you finance your property purchase in France is an important decision. Simon Smallwood considers the implications of buying with a French mortgage or with cash

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Buying a property in France could now be even easier

French mortgage rates to fall to a new low

ECB rate cuts to push French mortgage rates down even further

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